Best Accounting Apps for Personal and Small Business Use

December 13, 2019

Personal finance apps can help you manage money, adhere to a budget, and even help with investment decisions. These tasks are more accessible than ever before, given the abundance of personal (and small business) finance apps out there. But not every money management app is worth downloading. To make things easier for you, we made a list of our favorite finance apps.



Mint, Intuit's personal finance app, is one of the most well-known apps that provides your complete financial picture in one place. After linking your credit and debit cards to your account, Mint pulls your transactions, classifies them, and tells you how you're using your money. The tool can be used to help track bills and spending and creating budgets that you can stick to. It also gives you free access to your credit score! For bills that you pay manually, the app can send e-mail reminders or add due dates to your phone calendar. You can use the app exclusively or access it via a computer.


Clarity Money

Many companies are moving to a subscription business model. In the process, it's easy to lose track of how many you've signed up for. Clarity Money aims to help you stop throwing money away on unused subscriptions by assisting you to uncover and cancel subscriptions you're not using. On top of getting rid of extra subscriptions, the app examines your spending behavior. It gives you tips to improve your overall financial health.



Robinhood is a game-changing investing app that has gained popularity for not charging transaction fees for a lot of products in the stock market (stocks, ETFs, options, etc.). The app makes money by upselling premium services like margin trading and payment for order flow. It's also one of the very first personal investing apps to offer Bitcoin trading abilities. There are no commissions, no account minimum, or maintenance fees. One unique feature this app offers is called "cards": it appears on your screen to give you real-time news alerts and market information. Though they may sound intrusive, they're beneficial, and you can customize them or opt-out altogether. If you are brand new to investing, this app is for you.



FreshBooks is a breeze, no matter how you look at it. This app is simple to understand, mainly if you've used accounting software before. Even if the source of your hatred for accounting derives from using Excel spreadsheets to keep track of things, you will find the transition to FreshBooks easy, and rewarding. Starring an easy-to-understand dashboard and distinguished visualizations, you won't find a more accessible accounting app to stomach if you just so happen to hate accounting.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is an accounting app with a walloping set of traits displayed in one of the most straightforward accounting interfaces ever! The cloud-based software is designed to slash the time you spend managing your business finances by helping you with tasks such as creating estimates and invoices, tracking sales, and cash flow.