How Do You Use Social Media For Growing Traffic And Sales?

March 2, 2020

You may have heard about the importance of brand identity and presence on Social Media: your target audience is online, waiting for you. So please write it down: there are many benefits to your business once you create and execute your social media strategy. And, to make the most of all online marketing efforts, you must think hard and make a smart plan. Here are some strategies on how to achieve concrete benefits for your business.


Define the goals of your Social Media strategy

Presence on Social Media is useful not only to give visibility to your brand but also to work on the image of your enterprise. Now, let's see what goals you can achieve through a good Social Media Strategy. First, you must understand what your company's needs are. I often say that planning saves time during execution, even though it requires more resources up front.  It also produces better results in the end.


·     Improve customer service: since your audience is online, you should be too. Social networks can help reduce the distance between you and your clients. It is one of the best ways to answer customer questions.

·     Promote Brand Awareness: If you seek recognition of your brand on Social Media, focus on creating quality content. Mirror your identity in your content. Also, create connections between popular users - so-called influencers - to extend the reach of your message among your target audience.

·     Improve sales: Social networks are ideal for advertising your products or services. It is best to pay attention to the frequency of publishing content and placing links you want to promote.

·     Customer loyalty: Finally, your social media strategy can be the ideal way to strengthen the relationship with your audience. Once a purchase has been made, it is time to add value to your image and interact through other channels. Answer any queries and comments that appear, this attitude helps to create a trusting relationship with your followers, increasing the chances that this customer will return and choose the best - you.


Know your target audience

Now that you know what you want to do and where you want to go, the time has come to identify the characteristics of your online audience. We don't even have to say how important it is to know who you're talking to. The idea is to select the content that best targets your audience. And make no mistake, the people are demanding and want to see the best. Remember that, in the purchase process, several factors intervene: who decides (who chooses what will be bought), the influencer (who interferes in the purchase decision), the buyer (who pays), and the user (who uses the product).


Choose the best channels to broadcast your content

After defining your Social Media Strategy goals, it is time to identify what are the best channels to publish your material. You must know what defines each network to be able to choose the most appropriate for your brand and favor the growth of your business.


Using statistics to analyze the performance of your Social Media Strategy

Finally, to take the last step in creating a long-term sustainable social media strategy, you have to analyze your performance on Social Media. Specifically, you must know what the impact of your publications is on different networks. Some guides advise on publication times, but it is the fine analysis that will guide the best adjustments to your schedule. Another critical point is to check which types of content provided the most significant amount of interactions. This means that your preferred audience has more taste for this or that type of material, invest in them to improve your editorial strategy.


Now it's up to you! Follow these steps and create your own successful Social Media Strategy!